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Hot air circulation oven note


Guangdong Rich Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of hot air circulation oven. Hot air circulation oven is usually composed of angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate. The insulation layer is filled with high density aluminum silicate cotton, high density aluminum silicate cotton to ensure the insulation of the drying box, but also to ensure the safety of users. The heater is installed at the bottom, top or sides. Using digital intelligent instrument to control temperature. There are two kinds of air duct design of hot air circulation oven: horizontal air supply and vertical air supply!


Features: the shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface adopts electrostatic spraying technology, the appearance of new, strong and durable. The studio is made of high quality stainless steel plate or cold rolled steel plate, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no black smoke and so on. The utility model is characterized in that the space of the box door of the material storage box is added in the middle of the box body, and a double-layer toughened glass observation window is arranged in the middle of the box door. The hot air circulation oven is a device which makes use of electric heating wire interlayer heating to dry the object.

The utility model is suitable for baking, drying, heat treatment, etc. in the range of 5~300 DEG C (200 DEG C), which is higher than the room temperature, and the sensitivity is usually higher than that of +. It is a lot of models, but the basic structure is similar, generally by the box, electric heating system and automatic temperature control system composed of three parts. Its use and precautions are summarized as follows:


1 hot air circulation oven must be placed in the room dry and level, to prevent vibration, corrosion.  

2 should pay attention to the safe use of electricity, the power switch according to the power consumption of hot air circulation oven installed sufficient capacity. Selection of adequate power supply wire, and should have good grounding wire.

3 with the electric contact mercury thermometer temperature controller should be the electrical contact thermometer of the two wires are connected to the top of the box two terminals. An ordinary mercury thermometer is inserted into the exhaust valve, which is used to check the temperature of the electric contact mercury thermometer and the actual temperature in the observation box. Adjust the electric contact mercury thermometer to the required temperature and tighten the screw on the steel cap to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. However, attention must be paid to the regulation of the iron does not turn to the dial scale outside.

4 when everything is ready before the sample into the hot air circulation oven, and then connect the power, the red indicator light that has been heated box. When the temperature reaches the control temperature, the red light off the green light, the beginning of constant temperature.

Guangdong Rich packaging machinery limited company produces RXH series hot air circulating oven shelf is intermittent drying all-purpose drying equipment, dehumidifying and heating is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electronics industry, material products. Control cabinet with button control (also can be made according to user requirements touch control), the operation is more convenient, prolong the service life. Most of the hot air circulating in the box, high thermal efficiency, energy saving. The utility model is provided with an adjustable air distributing plate which is provided with a forced ventilation effect. The machine has the advantages of small noise, running balance, automatic temperature control, convenient installation and maintenance.

The air inlet can be added with the initial effect and the medium efficiency filter, which can be used by users.



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