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Conditions to be determined before drying equipment selection


In the course of drying, there are many kinds of wet materials, and the drying characteristics are very different. This leads to the selection of drying methods and equipment. If the choice is not appropriate, it will inevitably lead to equipment investment is too large, or rising operating costs, or product quality does not meet the requirements, in extreme cases can not operate. Therefore, we must pay enough attention to the problem of selection. Guangdong Rich drying equipment limited company specializing in the production of packaging machinery, drying equipment to let customers choose a better fit, summed up the following methods:

1, material properties and drying characteristics

(1) material form

To molding of wood, ceramic products, flaky, fibrous and granular, powdery until paste and liquid materials are needed to dry materials industry. Therefore, the choice of drying machine should be based on the shape of the material.

(2) various physical properties of materials

Including density, bulk density, particle size distribution, heat capacity and material adhesion etc.. The performance of the adhesive has a great influence on the work of feeding and discharging and some forms of drying.

(3) the characteristics of materials during drying

Including heating and heat sensitive material, some discoloration and decomposition when heated. In addition, during the drying process, the shrinkage of the material will cause the product to crack or deform.

(4) the combination of material and water

Which determines the dry degree of difficulty, the energy consumption level and the required length of residence time in the dryer, which have a great relationship with the selection of. For example, the dry material is mainly to give a longer residence time, rather than strengthening the drying of the external conditions.

2, on drying product requirements

(1) requirements for drying product form

In some cases, this point is particularly important. For example, in food drying, the requirement of the product geometry is the key to make the water content of the product meet the drying requirement. Again, such as washing powder, dyes and other for the benefit of instant and avoid dust, must use spray granulation dryer device selection.

(2) requirements for uniformity of drying

(3) health requirements for products

(4) some special requirements for products

Such as coffee, letinous edodes, vegetables and other dry materials, products can maintain its unique flavor, so it can not be used high temperature rapid drying.

The fluctuation of 3, wet material moisture and drying before dehydration

Water material into the dryer rate as far as possible to avoid large fluctuations, if the water content increases, will make the dryer production decline or dry products reach the moisture requirements, if the water content is smaller, the outlet exhaust temperature rise, excessive drying, not only can make the heat lower efficiency, sometimes the product temperature rise, thus affecting the quality of products.

For high wet material (more than 60% moisture content), in the dry as much as possible before application of mechanical dewatering (centrifugal dewatering filter, etc.) to pre dehydration. Although the cost of the equipment is higher, the cost of the operation is lower than that of hot air drying.

Guangdong Rich Packaging Machinery Co Ltd RQ-HWGZ series electric thermostatic drier, the drying oven is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units and other departments, the laboratory for drying, wax melting and sterilization, the machine adopts stainless steel. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that A. The heating element is distributed in the lower part of the working chamber. Advanced hot air circulation system makes the temperature distribution more uniform. Sealed electric heating tube, P.I.D parameters self-tuning, intelligent temperature control instrument temperature control, sensitive and reliable control.

The constant temperature control system is installed on the left side of the box body is provided with a side door, the left side of the box body can be convenient maintenance.



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