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Precautions for use of coating machine spray gun


Precautions for use of coating machine spray gun

The location of the spray gun is especially important to achieve the desired coating effect. It is considered that slows the spray, increase spray gun to the distance between the bed and can reduce the size of the droplet reaches the surface of the heart, reduce the incidence of film adhesive side, which can produce gloss good film. On the contrary, however, the capillaries are rougher than they used to be without changing the gun's position. This could be due to the distance between the spray gun and bed increases, the lower the droplets impact momentum on the surface of the heart, thus droplets in the fog flow to the mutual collision and coalescence effect, large droplets are relatively increased, and the energy of different size droplets are different, the rate is different, big diameter droplets move slower, and may be followed by small droplets collision probability increase, make the droplets drying time increased, the more unfavorable to droplets spread out, make the film roughness increases.

The spray gun is too close to the sheet bed, and the film overwetting will occur again, controlling the trend of sheet bed overwetting, which is conducive to the production of a smoother coat film. Therefore, according to our experience, the spray gun to piece of bed generally should be between 25 and 33 centimeters, make the film in the spray zone sampling conducted touch down slightly slightly damp feeling, in the film will contact with the pot wall is mixed with other film former, touch no sticky feeling when sampling at the bottom, then, spray gun should be coating on the surface of the liquid jet to a piece of bed where is better? If spraying a piece of bed surface at the top, with film at that point, at least fastest evaporation, thus directly spray to the region is not appropriate, and spraying a piece of bed top down about a third, because of the film in a piece of bed surface to stay for a long time, is advantageous to the droplets evaporate. However, the position and distance between the nozzle and the sheet bed should be optimized in practice. It is also important to note that the threads at the point of the nozzle tightening gun should be aligned so that the nozzle is concentric with the nozzle hole after the nozzle tightening. When the nozzle in the spray gun is deformed (even if it is slightly deformed), fog drops of different sizes and sizes will be produced, which will eventually affect the quality of the coating.

In addition, when more spray guns are used, it is more beneficial to offset the adverse effect of reducing the spray intensity from the center to the edge of the fan, so as to improve the quality of the film. However, it should be noted that when more spray guns are used in combination, the superposition area of fog flow should be minimum. When the distance between the spray gun is too close or too far, the film at the point where the atomizing fan is overlapped will appear overwetting phenomenon, or because of the gap between the atomizing fan surface will lead to the wear of the core edge Angle.

Ideal spray gun position is atomized sector should be one-sided intersection, this will be good for coating liquid evenly dispersed, drying in order to achieve balance, is advantageous to the micro in the most short time to obtain the smallest piece of color difference between, improve production efficiency.

Note: after each use, spray gun should be cleaned with water pressure to prevent the closure. In case of any closure, please take the nozzle apart according to the instructions of the spray gun, and remove the residue from the nozzle with a fine needle.

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