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The Tablet Counting Machine Has Made A Breakthrough In Technology


In recent years, the domestic pellet counting machine industry has made many technological breakthroughs. The traditional mechanical counting machine has progressed into a photoelectric counting machine, and the semi-automatic counting machine has evolved into a fully automatic intelligent counting machine. All the phenomena show to the world that the counting machine has advanced by leaps and bounds in technology.

   However, behind the beautiful aura of the counting machine, we have to calm down and think about the technical problems currently facing the counting machine. The analysis report believes that with the photoelectric counting machine as the object of analysis and research, the current technical problems faced by the domestic counting machine include the following three points.

   1. It is difficult to identify drug particles with a diameter less than 2.5mm.

   2. The three-dimensional detection of the detected drug particles is not possible, which makes it difficult to identify and detect overlapping drug particles, which seriously affects the improvement of accuracy.

3. The technical problem of rejecting unqualified drug particles. The current counting technology of the counting machine can detect unqualified drug particles, but these unqualified drug particles cannot be removed immediately on the spot, but wait until After the drug particles are bottled, the entire bottle is rejected.

   It is precisely because of the three technical problems currently faced by the counting machine that it is difficult to make further breakthroughs in the accuracy and work efficiency of pharmaceutical particles. But I believe that with the continuous progress of science and technology, with the unremitting efforts, the technical problems of the current counting machine will be effectively solved in the near future



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