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About Medicinal Electronic Vibration Counting Machine


The medicine tablet capsule counting machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries to count, bottle and bag medicines or foods such as capsules, tablets, and granules. It is also suitable for counting, bottling, bagging and canning other solid objects with regular shapes.

   It is understood that the medicine counting machine is made of high-quality materials such as 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, which is light in weight, low in noise, accurate in counting, easy to operate, and simple in maintenance and repair. The drug contact part is made of 316 pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, which ensures the cleanliness of the packaged items and meets GMP requirements; it is an ideal special equipment for counting, bottling, and bagging drugs or food such as capsules, tablets, and granules.

   In addition, the automatic electronic vibration counting machine adopts multi-stage electronic oscillation technology, which is effective for various viscous materials, and effectively separates the products to ensure the accuracy of counting. Equipped with high-power photoelectric detection device and anti-high-dust electronic counting technology, the accuracy rate of counting particles reaches 99.8%. It is currently the domestic advanced, beautiful and economical counting bottling and bagging equipment.

It is understood that after years of hard work, the overall strength of the entire industry has been greatly improved, the industrial system is becoming more complete, the scale is constantly expanding, the technical level has been significantly improved, and the international competitiveness is also significant. A substantial improvement.

The counting machine industry is a key industry in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry. Under the background of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical and food packaging industry, the counting machine has technical significance, high added value, and large room for growth. It is a key industry in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry. The star of tomorrow.

Guangdong Rich Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. produces and sells various types of automatic multi-channel electronic counting machines. The whole machine is made of 304, and the core part is made of 316 stainless steel. It is a fully automatic counting and bottling equipment with leading technology and configuration in the market. Granule bottling is accurate and fast, stable operation, low noise, and perfect safety system. Electronic counting machine with bottle unscrambler, desiccant filling machine, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine and other equipment can be combined with a fully automated counting and bottling production line. It is a necessary production packaging for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, and health care products factories. equipment. Guangdong Ruiqi Electronic Counting Machine is simultaneously exported to the world. It has many cases of counting machine and automatic counting line. It has a stable and mature customer base in many foreign countries. With 14 years of foreign trade experience, Guangdong Rich Packing has won praise from many international customers. 



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